Saturday, May 14, 2005

Love story in F sharp

It starts with a mint and ends with one. Mint - accomplice to all evil. Cigarettes and Alcohol shed their machismo and hide behind stunning mint breath as it changes seasons. I am a sinner with winter in my mouth.

If there were a God, I would have congratulated him. That God dosent exist, I can better understand her beauty as freak chance. I can better appreciate the fact that she wears an aura of the improbable around her. Improbable that the day I was to meet her, would overwhelm me with bad luck and beat my bumpy ego into shape to receive the news - the final piece in this puzzle of gray.

I never read much as a child. That leaves me disabled to this date. Reading signals wrong in an accent only an alien with a taste for human flesh might relate to, i have a collection of emotional faux pas to pass on to my granchilren. I have booked my one way ticket to mars some distance from the window. I quite content not seeing the Earth disappearing from view.

It went thus. Mint - obsession - mint ..........and all was over. She has a man in her life and I have a row of poetic fragments eagerly lined up whom ill have to disappoint. "Not today Yates ke chhate aulaad - there will always be opportunity in future". I must console myself thus - perfection never knocks twice at the same door. Wait at thy neighbours or repaint your door.

Its a strange ending but after one beer they all live happily ever after.