Saturday, December 21, 2013


Hold it not against yourself
Hold her there instead
You never know when loss stand right round the corner
Round the corner of your head

I cant complete this rhyme.
It is for once not about me ....................... but about you

Monday, December 09, 2013


I rejoice and suffer in your sense of loss.
Rejoice for the mistakes I made narrowly missed making-
the mistakes you must now learn to call your own.

Suffer as I see now how
the idiosyncracies of a lonely mind
can cause and lead one to wallow in self destruction

Your current death feeds my current exhilaration
But these are the poor words of contentment
Not the infinite richness of loss

You are privy to the arsehole of the universe
knowing where we end up
I am only at the beginning

And so my friend knowing
That we shall one day meet
at the unceremonious end of all that we take in

I ask you to suck it in one more time
and come back to the beginning so
we may slide - winding slowly back to what we know will befall us in the end