Saturday, May 14, 2005

Love story in F sharp

It starts with a mint and ends with one. Mint - accomplice to all evil. Cigarettes and Alcohol shed their machismo and hide behind stunning mint breath as it changes seasons. I am a sinner with winter in my mouth.

If there were a God, I would have congratulated him. That God dosent exist, I can better understand her beauty as freak chance. I can better appreciate the fact that she wears an aura of the improbable around her. Improbable that the day I was to meet her, would overwhelm me with bad luck and beat my bumpy ego into shape to receive the news - the final piece in this puzzle of gray.

I never read much as a child. That leaves me disabled to this date. Reading signals wrong in an accent only an alien with a taste for human flesh might relate to, i have a collection of emotional faux pas to pass on to my granchilren. I have booked my one way ticket to mars some distance from the window. I quite content not seeing the Earth disappearing from view.

It went thus. Mint - obsession - mint ..........and all was over. She has a man in her life and I have a row of poetic fragments eagerly lined up whom ill have to disappoint. "Not today Yates ke chhate aulaad - there will always be opportunity in future". I must console myself thus - perfection never knocks twice at the same door. Wait at thy neighbours or repaint your door.

Its a strange ending but after one beer they all live happily ever after.


mariasaus said...

"I must console myself thus - perfection never knocks twice at the same door".

It does too- If the God of small mints has something to do with it!

You are an unique writer! Nice blog!

*Why do smokers and drinkers think- minty can mask the yucky:) It takes a lot more to overcome- beery halitosis!


buckwaasur said...

as i said once before, ur turns of phrase are copyright-worthy dude...:-)

Mindsurfer said...

ROTFL @ Yates ke Chate aulaad!!

Super stuff.


FunnyCide said...

LOL as usual. Nothing to quote as everything is quote worthy. WRite more often. [That might sound as an order but it is in fact a request. Somehow I never got the hang of "pleases" and ThankQs"]

Beach Bum said...

Bloggo my friend, your ode to mints is delightful. You write so well!

But when she has those prefect teeth, that smile that is so beautiful that she looks like she could never be smiling at me, have you noticed she doesn’t need mints?

Damn beautiful women. They can smoke and drink till it’s coming out of their ears and they smell like heaven.

But when I do it, I can’t carry it off.

Those smiles are made in hell. To haunt and torment you.

But only the lucky know how to be tormented.

Welcome to the club.