Saturday, June 17, 2006

Us Narcissus

I think it should be Narcissi.

I look at my reflection in the magic mirror of her teeth. I am both fat and slightly yellow. She is still perfect. Maybe thats because she cant stand beside me and stare at her own teeth. Maybe thats because she cant stand beside me at all.

I long for clarity in thought. I longer (linger along) hoping to find glue to stick together the fragments of my mind -now indistict from years of dissection. As a child, I heard of prodigies who learned to fixed radios just by opening them up out of curiosity. I followed suit and ended up with many broken radios. I am not a prodigy.

She makes me feel light with her round eyes and streamlines as we dance around each other like moths. But its late in the year and the whole business of courtship seems a little poinless. We shall meet in heaven or the stomach of some voracious moth eater and share thoughts and bile juice to kingdom come.

Tactics, have over time changed from a science to an art form. To early hominids tactics were two step mathematical solutions. If you shake the bush, ill drag Uzma away by the hair for which I shall repay you by shaking the bush when its your turn. Tactics today defer finality indefinitely. "Do you love me?" "Kind of".

There is need today for the cavemans "Ug". A single syllable that answers most.

"Hows the weather treating you" ..... "Ug"
"Wheres the beef?"........ (Pointing) "Ug"
"Is this chair taken" ....... "Ug"
"Hey there!" ......... "Ug"
"Do you love me?"......"Ug"
"Help Popeye!"........."Ug Ug Ug Ug" (walks away arm in arm with bluto)

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