Saturday, July 14, 2007

Super Cilious

  1. Jeero cut again. All these months of saving keratin have yet again amounted to nothing more than a black scab in the middle of ajay (the barbers) floor. Might the flying arthroppods that populate my scalp miss this black cloud? Gone are the days when they could soar above the clouds and marvel at the expanse of everything beyond. Will they ever land with such grace again and coaster down my curls to the scabrous comfort of my dandruffed scalp? Not likely. Its all himalaya oil and pi radians from now on.

Ectoparasiticus major stands atop my pate and speaks in heroic tones.

"The world has changed.......... again! Those who survived the last crisis and the few haircuts between will know what i am talking about. Those only a few shampoos old will have this vauable chance to learn."

The tikki master grunts as dismissively as he gathers what is left of his flakum pile. "Hah!" he exclaims as he impatiently throws about black inklings of hair left behind by the carnage in his part of what used to be the woods. Interns are shaken by the vigour of his activity as he starts to dig back into his garden of scalp. Spiracle deep, he extricates himself momentarily to give his students the eye. Kangi, his seniormost student, turns attentively towards him and then makes obvious his change in attention towards Ectoparasiticus.

Tikki shakes his head in disbeleif and then turns enquiringly towards the newer recruits.

"Go!" he bellows. "Flake off you good fornothing flakesurfers........ How many generations will be lost to the ill advice of these frivolous quiffriding flakeflyers? ...... Think one thing only, would we not have wings if we were meant to fly." He dips back into his excavation, then resurfaces. "Would we not?", he growls. My scalp twitches and my ears move awaking the wolf in me. I eat chicken and am sated.

Meanwhile the freshest of the pack have moved into action taking Tikki's lead while the breakaway to be are pretending to clean up while focussing less than secretly on Ecto's words.


Prithvi S Acharya said...

You make Andre Agassi sound almost criminal for his choice of haircut.

Coroneus said...

This is quality writing, mate. Why did you stop?